Never Plead Ignorance

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Like this: Like Loading Category : Uncategorized. Primarily, a person should reflect on the purpose of his existence in this world, on what exist beyond this life, on how this magnificent on which he lives came into existence, and on Who is the Creator of all living things, including him.

plead ignorance

The existence of Allah is obvious. Ignoring it would only be the beginning of the greatest damage we could ever do to ourselves. That is simply because Allah is no need of anything. He is the One Who shows His greatness in all things and in all ways. Allah is the owner of everything, from the heaven to the earth. This is what evolutionists assert. They know exactly that the atom has no consciousness, yet, they further claim that the atoms are assembled into beings which have feelings and which think. Man is being who has will and consciousness. He takes decisions, speaks and arrive at conclusions.

Never plead ignorance of the fact that such delicate balances could not have occurred by chance, and that only Allah the Almighty has the power to establish such an order. When you reflect on your past days, you realize with surprise that nothing properly satisfied you because time passed quickly.

Until this moment, it may be that you have been unaware of this reality; yet now that you have grasped it, you must base your reasoning on more realistic grounds and reorient all your deeds and the conduct of your lives. Properly, you should try to earn the good pleasure of Allah, the Bestower of all favours in this world and the next.

That is because, those who consume their lives irresponsibly will be greatly astonished in the Hereafter.

Plead Ignorance | Definition of Plead Ignorance by Merriam-Webster

When they will rise from the dead and stand before Allah, they will realize that they only stayed for a short time in this world. Everything on earth is destined to perish. Everything in nature decays and reduces to insignificance in time. The most glorious places turn into ruins. Think about these facts and never plead ignorance that Allah created these images on purpose; to prevent you develop a profound sense of attachment to this life and forget the hereafter.

You also must never plead ignorance about the fact that one day you will also grow old and lose most of your physical and mental skills. So, while you are still endowed with these skills, start getting prepared for the hereafter. Disasters are constant reminders of the fact that the world is full of internal and external threads. Man never assumes that he might also be affected by such a disaster one day.

The Most Ignorant Quran Verse

Yet, Allah has the power to make him face such a terrible incident at a very unexpected time. People often invent scenarios in their minds. They want to believe, for instance, that they will die in the later years of their lives and that hence they still have years ahead. Contrary to what they believe however, they hear almost everyday news of young people who lose their lives.

Reward Yourself

Never abandon yourself to this heedlessness, which seized many people, and never plead ignorance of the fact that death is but a momentary transition and that it is very close to every soul. Every day we hear the death of someone or we lose one of our close relatives. These incidents are surely obvious evidence that no one can avoid death. Whether young or old, well-off or poor, everyone faces death on a predestined day. This makes one realize that one should not attach to this world and prepare for the life after death.

Never plead ignorance of the fact that a person merely deceives himself by assuming that death is far from him. And being aware of this fact, spend your life in earning the good pleasure of Allah. Never plead ignorance of the fact that death is the key to the gate of the eternal abode.

Spend your life without forgetting the fact of death. A person who ponders on death will realize the futility of devotion to this life and start to live for his true abode, the hereafter. Never plead ignorance of the fact that the possessions of this life will remain behind in this world. Avoid the deep regret people will feel in the hereafter. Never plead ignorance of the fact that those who avoid the thought of the death will face a fearsome end.

Do not make the same mistake as many others. Do not follow a path you will later regret. Surely this is a matchless system and a great favor Allah grants man. No matter which incident man encounters in life, no matter where he goes or what origin he has, he possesses a guide to the truth. Always keep in mind that you possess a guide to the truth. Like every other man, you have both a conscience and an evil who misleads you.

You also hear the voices of your conscience and your evil.

Hosted by Chris MacDonald at the Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University

Meanwhile, surely those who remain heedless of the Book and about their consciences will not be treated the same in the presence of Allah. Never plead ignorance of the fact that you have no alternative but to be sincere and honest in your conduct while Allah surrounds you and hears and sees whatever you do. Below, the typical attributes of an individual who is sincerely devoted to Allah and who is aware that he will be judged can be listed as follows:.